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The revitalisation of Bristol’s properties

Bristol is one of the wealthiest and happiest places in England. It’s a city of rich history, diverse culture and always a hub of activity. It is no surprise then that over the past few years the city has seen a resurgence in home ownership and development.

This has led to many of the older buildings in the city attracting increased attention as the housing market picks up. For example, Burwalls, a Leigh Woods mansion, was recently converted into five apartments, all of which were priced over one million pounds.


Example of Bristol Byzantine

The classic architecture of Burwalls highlights a lot of the beauty that the city has to offer. Many of the Georgian buildings have been renovated and refurbished to suit the modern family.

A notable feature of Bristol’s landscape is the unique architectural style of Bristol Byzantine. It originated in the late Georgian period and is characterised by complicated polychrome brick and decorative arches. This style was used in the construction of factories, warehouses and municipal buildings. What is especially unique about the it is the red, yellow and white brick from the Cattybrook Brickpit which led to the buildings standing out from their surroundings.

However, not all of the buildings that are being renovated in Bristol are iconic mansions and old warehouses; the everyday Georgian houses that dominate the highly popular Clifton Village and Redcliffe have become prize properties of the recent boom in the Bristol property market.

If you are one of those people who are lucky enough to occupy one of these beautiful Georgian houses in Bristol it is important to note that even after renovation work has been done, some of the features of the property may still require long-term specialist attention.

One of the most noticeable features of period architecture is the Sash Window. Popularised in the Victorian and Georgian era, this method of window framing outclassed the dangerous lead-based alternative which was in use, and quickly became a staple part of the external aesthetic of each home that could afford the upgrade.

The Sash Window remained popular well into the 20th century, but has now been replaced by plastic window frames. Whilst offering many benefits, the main issue with these modern plastics is their lack of ubiquitous charm compared to the more traditional Sash.

This is where the need for specialist work comes in; you should not hasten to replace your old windows with modern alternatives because you may compromise the aesthetic exterior of your home. A Sash Window, when handled properly, has the potential to offer all of the benefits of a modern window, including energy efficiency, whilst retaining their traditional British characteristic. At joineryworkshop.com we specialise in restoring, and where appropriate, sympathetically replacing Sash (and Casement) Windows. We are bespoke, highly skilled joiners and produce made-to-measure window units to match your specific requirements.

Burwalls Before Photos

Burwalls manor before renovation


If you’re planning on moving to Redcliffe, Clifton Village, or any other part of Bristol with distinctly Georgian charm we will take care to look at the history of your property, and make sure that if it is aged, we take the appropriate steps to ensure that your house is both aesthetically pleasing and well maintained. The Bristol-based joineryworkshop.com team are ready to assist you and provide you with a free survey. Call 0117 230 2828 or email enquiry@joineryworkshop.com.

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